cat. no. 7
Istanbul or Bursa late 16th century
254 x 440 cm
Warp, weft silk
Knots wool, cotton (white), asymmetric
Knot count 3200
Inv. no. Or 374/1888/1907 HM

At first glance homogeneous, this is a fragment composed of numerous parts – especially in the bottom fifth and at the top edge. Other, smaller parts of this spectacular, large-format carpet or pair of carpets can be seen in European and American collections. The field has a repeat pattern on dark red ground, the main border is only preserved at the right and left. The outer minor borders and their guard stripes are missing, whilst at top and bottom the minor border parts and guard stripes have been sewn on afterwards. The characteristic silk foundation with the knotted pile in wool and cotton identify the carpet as a product of Ottoman court manufacture. In comparison with the Ottoman niche carpet (cat. no. 6), the knotting is perceptibly less dense, which makes the design a little schematic in detail. It suggests a date in the fourth quarter of the 16th century.
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