cat. no. 8
Istanbul or Bursa late 16th century
713 x 442 cm
Warp, weft silk
Knots wool, cotton (white), asymmetric
Knot count 3430
Inv. no. T 8333/1922 IP

This piece is probably one of the largest Ottoman carpets to have survived in its entirety. Its silk foundation indicates that it belongs to the group of knotted carpets from the court manufactory in Istanbul, or Bursa, taking into account the possibility of a co-operation with Mamluk manufactories. It shares features with the niche carpet (cat. no. 6): the motifs on the narrow guard stripes – rows of rosettes – and, less abundantly arranged, the floral sprays in the field. The schematized pattern elements and the disproportion of corner segments and central medallion support a date of around 1600 or even the first quarter of the 17th century.
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